“Florida´s Natural” el jugo de Florida ahora en México @Floridasnatural

A grower-owned initiative for the best orange juice possible

Florida’s Natural Growers was organized in 1933 by growers who had a personal interest in bringing the best possible citrus products to the market. Today, we are one of the largest Florida citrus cooperatives of growers, with a membership base of 13 grower associations. The entire cooperative is made up of more than 1,000 grower-members who own more than 50,000 acres of fine citrus groves in the heart of central Florida.

We own the land, and we personally nurture the fruit until it reaches peak ripeness. Because we process and package everything ourselves, we can guarantee the quality of our citrus juices.

Citrus growing is a time-honored tradition in central Florida, one that has been passed down through generations. Our grower familiesWant to get to know us? Meet just a few members of our grower family. came together through Florida’s Natural Growers to ensure that the knowledge and lands our grandfathers passed down to us continue to thrive and to cultivate the juiciest, best tasting oranges you can get anywhere in the world.

As a grower-owned operation, we believe it’s important to know exactly where your family’s food and drinks come from. Our Florida’s Natural® Brand Premium juices are made and packaged right here in the U.S. so every time you pour a glass, you can be sure that it’s always fresh and never importedIs Your Juice Imported? Find out where your juice comes from..

A look at Florida’s Natural over the years.

1938 – Our first effort is a sectionizing plant, with the name of Florida Citrus Canners Cooperative. The co-op makes a major investment in machines and changes from extracting juice manually to automated juice extraction. This important change leads to the production of canned orange juice.

1940s – America’s wartime needs lead the cooperative to build a concentrate plant on its property in Lake Wales, Florida to produce juice for the military during World War II.

1954 – As consumers realize the convenience of frozen concentrate, Florida orange juice sales grow quickly. In this year, 80 percent of the oranges handled by the cooperative go into frozen concentrate.

1960s – Consumers begin to ask for more chilled juice products. Citrus World responds by adding a variety of additional lines of juices and chilled warehouses to store the refrigerated cartons of juice.

1987 – The demand for juices with fresh-squeezed taste increases rapidly during the 80s. Chilled carton sales growth, especially for premium juices that are not made from reconstituted concentrate, leads the cooperative to start its Florida’s Natural® Brand. Because it is flash-pasteurized, it’s the closest in taste and form to fresh-squeezed juice you can get—nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

1989 – Ruby Red Grapefruit juice, another Florida’s Natural® Brand product, is introduced as the first premium, not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice. It continues to be the number one premium grapefruit juice in the country for years to come.

1990 – Florida’s Natural® Brand is the first to use the pour spout on a not-from-concentrate carton, providing convenience and added freshness. It is also in this year that Florida’s Natural Brand introduces not-from-concentrate Lemonade.

1991 – Florida’s Natural® Brand not-from-concentrate Natural Style Apple Juice lands on supermarket shelves.

1994 – Just as Florida’s Natural® Brand juices become available in grocery stores nationwide, we are the first to introduce a not from concentrate orange-pineapple blend.

1998 – The cooperative changes its name to Florida’s Natural Growers.

2001 – The Grove House Visitors Center opens, creating a place for people to learn more about the juice-making business and enjoy the rich history of our cooperative.

2004 – Florida is barraged with Hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne in central Florida, and Hurricane Wilma in southern Florida, all within 6 weeks. Crops are devastated throughout the region.

2007 – Florida’s Natural continues to become more energy-efficient in and around the plant with the installation of solar panels on the Grove House.

2008 – Florida’s Natural Growers celebrates its 75th anniversary.


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